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Signatures for Save Llanishen Reservoir

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11 davetaylor keep fighting
12 HuwWaters Save the a part of Cardiff's character.
13 pamireland  
14 garethrees  
15 WilliamGraham Conservative AM for South Wales East
16 DavidRees I used to sail on the res, and also fly fish on both they are a gem in the area , for all and a huge wildlife refuge
17 peterelkington To drain down the reservoir given the CADW, SSSI protection and the rejection of planning applications is a prime example of malicious, petty minded vandalism perpetrated by a company whose financial director has become obsessed with beating opposition at
18 Philipo ' Malley  
19 MarcEvans Whatever their rights as landowners, WPD owes moral duties to the people of Wales and also the habitat they care for. Pending conclusion of the appeals process, this pre-emptive action attempts to bully the community and despoil the environment. Shame!
20 RachelThomas