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Signatures for Save Llanishen Reservoir

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21 JohnPhelps Llanishen Reservoir should be kept for people of Cardiff and Wales
22 GlenysPhelps The Welsh Assembly should buy Llanishen Reservoir ASAP
23 IreneAngel Save our lovely reservoir
24 MarkTozer I feel very strongly that this rare and beautiful natural greenspace should not be lost to future generations!!
25 MikeJones-Pritchard They must be prevented from destroying our heritage and enviroment, through underhand means, just because they haven't got their own way. The reservoir and the ecology it supports must be protected.
26 IanDavies I, like hundreds of other children and adults in South Wales, learned to sail at Llanishen Sailing Centre. To lose the reservoir would be a criminal waste of a much-loved public amenity. I strongly support the campaign to preserve this valuable resource
27 DavidDobbs  
28 peterdite stop the US executives from making a fortune out of wales
29 DavidPriest  
30 sarahgriffiths