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Signatures for Save Llanishen Reservoir

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31 HilaryPrice This is a vital green space for the people of Cardiff in an increasingly populated city , which must be protected for the future.
32 ElaineMillward The American owners shoulkd come over and view what they want to destroy - not sit in their ivory towers making decisions about an area they have never viewed.
33 RamonCorria Why should an American Company show such disregard to democracy and to the wishes of Cardiff people?
34 KevinTugwell  
35 IanHomer  
36 philipmanfield It is a vital amenity and should be saved for the future generations and its historical value
37 GavinCradle  
38 ChrisDuffy Must every last square foot of green belt land be developed for profit? I support the preservation of Llanishen Reservoir as an area of natural beauty, a site of historical interest, and for the future enjoyment of the people of Cardiff.
39 MarieO'Brien  
40 johnpearson i used to fish there as it is the only water close to my home