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Signatures for Save Llanishen Reservoir

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481 MelPlenty The good things in our City are disappearing. Open spaces,the reservoir and its suuroundings are examples of a heritage that must be preserved.
482 AledYates it would be morally wrong to destroy what is a beautifull place all year round!
483 CatherineCharlton  
484 JohnDupres  
485 AdrianJudd  
486 BrettEllis  
487 RoyDeLarge  
488 StephenFarnsworth This is a personal vendetta from an American director of WPD. No corproate control at all.
489 GeraintEvans One of the first names selected for the GB Olympic team in 2012 is Hannah Mills, who first learned to sail at Llanishen. The sailing centre was a true international centre of excellence. Shame on WPD.
490 PaulGimson